UltraViolet, A Certified Blacklight Distribution

UltraViolet(tm), developed by OpenSource Connections, is a certified distribution of Blacklight, an open source platform that provides a discovery interface for document metadata. UltraViolet is the perfect platform for curating information about digital data libraries. UV provides a simple way to harness the most configurable and widely used search engine in the world, through a proven and intuitive user experience.

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Solve the search relevancy crisis with Quepid!

Too often, we see the game of relevancy “whack-a-mole” played out to disastrous effect – solve one search, break dozens of others. Quepid guides search engineers towards better relevancy by incorporating content experts every step of the way. As a testing tool, Quepid gives the engineer instant feedback of the impact of their changes based on curated feedback of search quality by content experts. As a collaboration tool, Quepid lets content experts provide feedback on relevancy changes, adding troublesome queries that require improvement and scoring query results quality, thus directing the efforts of the engineering team.

Here’s what one our early adopters has to say:

Quepid has been a game-changer for us in the arena of search relevancy testing. With Quepid, the team can see the impact of planned search tuning changes immediately instead of waiting until changes are made live. Quepid’s search version comparison capability also allows us to understand how potential downstream results may be affected by each change, so we can select the version that’s best for the product. We’ve solved and avoided numerous customer issues, and I’ve been able to feel more confident that my feedback on search quality directly funnels into our search relevancy algorithm. Thanks, Quepid!

–Rena Morse, Director of Semantic Technology at Silverchair Information Systems

Do you have relevancy problems? Are you a content expert and wish you could have a more direct impact on how your search engineers improve relevancy? Are you a search engineer looking for a better way to improve search relevancy? Let us know; we’ll be glad to show you how Quepid might just be what your organization needs!

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