Solr Audit

Whether you already have Solr installed or are considering implementing Solr, we can help you evaluate your current infrastructure, goals for search, and suitability for implementing the Solr search engine. This is a 3 day evaluation with one of our senior consultants, and at the end of the audit, we will provide you with a list of best practices as it applies to your planned implementation as well as a roadmap for getting your organization’s Solr search where you want it to be.

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Search User Experience Jump Start

Most web product managers and marketers think of search as the ubiquitous white box with a search button. However, search is much more than a search box and a results page. This 3 day workshop engages designers and marketers to think about how to expand the definition of search to increase both customer engagement and website sales through innovative idea generation for your website’s search experience.

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Adopting Solr Workshop

Simply installing Solr and exposing it through your website will make some improvement, but won’t leverage the entire value of a Solr installation. Additionally, marketers may not know how to fully leverage the capabilities of Solr to increase revenues through the web channel, and oftentimes, when marketers have ideas about how to drive higher ROI through the web channel, the IT organization is unsure how to deliver the requirements of the web marketing team. This 3 day joint workshop takes IT and marketing through initial training to get a common baseline, vocabulary, and understanding of search. It then breaks out into two concurrent two-day sessions: one for the marketing organization that explores website analytics, user experience, and idea generation for revenue growth; the other path is for the IT organization to understand how to optimize Solr for their data stores, address concerns and issues that they have about Solr, and to prototype search with Solr using the existing data stores in the back end. On the third day, we’ll bring the two teams together and build the business case for taking the ideas generated by marketing and combining it with realistic, grounded estimates from IT to bring forward to decision makers within the company.

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Solr Implementations

We can lead your organization through a full Solr implementation. Whether it’s migrating from another search engine, such as FAST, Google Search Appliance, Vivisimo, or it’s scaling Solr across an enterprise-wide set of sites, we can provide the knowledge, expertise, and leadership to deliver a high-performing, revenue generating or expense saving Solr implementation in your company.

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